Jobs at Morrisons

Jobs at Morrisons can be obtained either through the Morrisons website or by applying to your local store. This can be achieved either by telephoning the manager or sending in a covering letter and a copy of your CV. There is a wealth of job opportunities at Morrisons which arise within the stores and at head office.

Types of jobs which are available in store include bakers, butchers, a whole host of retail staff to help the day to day running of the store, checkout staff, and counter assistants. Within the head office there are many job opportunities to work in IT, marketing, administration, finance, Human Resources, merchandising and trading, and often these vacancies are open to university graduates.

Jobs at Morrisons can also be sought within the cafe located in many of the Morrisons supermarkets. Typical vacancies which arise will include kitchen assistant, counter assistant, chef, and table attendant.

Morrisons also run a graduate programme where trainees will spend periods of time working in all areas of the organisation gaining experience in retail, manufacturing, logistics and the head office. The programme begins with a thorough induction introducing you to the Morrison’s brand.

This will be followed by four placements which will begin in an analyst role where you will liaise closely with senior colleagues, and partaking in projects which affect the aims and objectives of the business. If you would like to apply for this graduate programme you need to have obtained a degree of 2:1 at least, a grade B in maths and have some workplace experience.

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