Find jobs in Mayo with FAS Ireland

With headquarters located in Upper Baggot Street, Dublin, Ireland, FAS stands for Foras Aiseanna Saothair, or National Training and Employment Agency in English. A government body, it is their job to help enhance the skills and competencies of both employers and individuals to ensure that Ireland can continue to grow and develop.

It is now more important than ever, as Ireland continues to slip towards insolvency following the collapse of the economy in 2008. With both unemployment and national debt increasing at an alarming rate, many people are turning to FAS in order to improve their skills and abilities so they can find work for themselves in the highly competitive Irish job market.

FAS aims to do reach its goal by offering specific training and employment programs created in order to satisfy the needs of a wide range of modern jobs. Anyone seeking work in Ireland is eligible to take part on FAS courses, depending on availability of course, and there are a large number of options available.

You may decide to go for Specific Skills Training or Traineeships, or you could instead opt for one of the Short Courses, Evening Courses, Online Courses or Blended Learning Courses on offer. FAS also offers courses for those currently employed. Its Employee Training courses cover a wide range of industries and are focussed on upskilling employees in order to improve their abilities and value to their employer.

Finally, they also have a number of job listings available at all times, meaning that finding jobs in Mayo with FAS Ireland is certainly a real possibility. You can find the contact information for your Local Employment Service office at www.fas.ie. With more than ten Mayo based offices, there should be one close by you.

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