Looking for jobs in Marks and Spencer Northern Ireland

Jobs in Marks and Spencer Northern Ireland are easy to apply for by accessing the company's website which is very user-friendly. The applicant needs to register first and then check out vacancies which are listed by location and category. Once the applicant has found a vacancy in which they are interested they can fill out a CV listing personal information, educational qualifications and previous experience.

Marks and Spencer Northern Ireland contact the applicant when a vacancy they deem suitable arises and arrange an interview. A helpline is in operation Monday to Friday to deal with any queries. By ringing the helpline you can speak directly to a member of Marks and Spencer's support team. The applicant can also email them at recruitment online@marksandspencer.com.

Alternatively, by calling into any Marks and Spencer store in Northern Ireland you can pick up a job application form.

Marks and Spencer Northern Ireland are an equal opportunities employer and committed to giving their staff a highly competitive salary and excellent fringe benefits such as staff discount.

The type of jobs available range from customer assistant to section manager and retail manager. Part-time jobs are also offered in many of the srores in Northern Ireland.

Websites such as jobsrapido.co.uk and njobs.org.uk also have a list of vacancies for jobs in Marks and Spencer Northern Ireland.

As a leader in the retail industry, Marks and Spencer Northern Ireland sell clothing, food and homewares. Many of the stores in Northern Ireland have cafes. Top class jobs are available in all these sectors.

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