Finding jobs at Magna Park in Lutterworth

Manga Park, which is located in Lutterworth in Leicestershire, is Europe's largest distribution park. It is situated in a prime location between three major motorways - the M1, M6 and M69. As a result of this it is home to a total of 23 distribution operators, many of which are household names. Jobs in Magna Park in Lutterworth are primarily administrative and logistical, with additional service jobs also arising occasionally.

The vast majority of positions on offer at Magna Park are driving or warehouse jobs. A number of recruitment agencies operate in the area, providing trained staff to companies at the site. In the case of driving jobs applicants must satisfy certain requirements, whether they are applying to a company directly or through a recruitment agency. Firstly they must be licensed to drive heavy good vehicles, being the holders of LGV C+E (Class One), LGV C (Class Two) or LGV C1 (7.5 Tonne) permits. Additionally many recruitment agencies and employers may require that drivers pass tachograph and other related tests. A typical wage for drivers based at Magna Park would be between £10 and £14 per hour.

Warehouse jobs are also common in Magna Park, and are open to applicants from all backgrounds. Experience is not essential and wages range between £6.25 and £8.93 per hour. The majority of these jobs involve shift work, as most of the warehouses in Magna Park operate on a 24 hour schedule.

Those who with to apply for jobs in Magna Park in Lutterworth can find job listings on sites such as trovit.co.uk, or they can contact recruitment agencies such as magna-recruitment.co.uk.


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