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Wrexham is the largest town in North Wales. With a population of approximately 140,000 jobs in maelor hospital wrexham are continually being created to cater for peoples healthcare needs.

Wrexham Maelor Hospital is the area's major acute district hospital with 700 beds. The hospital provides a comprehensive range of medical and surgical specialities, as well as paediatric, maternity and critical care services.

The site also includes two mental health inpatient units and a residential drug and alcohol treatment centre.

Jobs in Maelor Hospital Wrexham vary from ambulance driver to drug addiction counsellor and are constantly updated on the NHS Careers website.

About half the employees in the hospital are fully qualified clinical staff and the rest provide support such as maintenance and cleaning.

Local newspapers such as The Wrexham Leader and Wrexham Chronicle advertise situations vacant in Maelor Hospital as they arise.

Job seekers can also check out Wrexham job centres for driving and maintenance jobs in the hospital.

Healthcare Jobsite.com offers one of the largest job posting data bases for healthcare jobs on the web.

Hospital Jobs online is another great site. It is a one-stop resource for careers in healthcare.

Other sites such as jobisjobs.co.uk advertise  jobs available in Maelor Hospital.

Recruitment agencies such as Healthcare Job Vacancies can help you find the jobs in Maelor Hospital Wrexham that best suit your qualifications and experience.

There are hundreds of different types of healthcare jobs which need to be done. If you are a person passionate about making a difference then jobs in Maelor Hospital Wrexham could be just for you.

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