We check out the best opportunities for jobs on the Liverpool high street

If you are starting to become fed up with your job search taking all of your time, we recommend you consider taking a look at the high street for opportunities. Despite the fact that the British economy has yet to recover from the global financial problems that started back in 2008, the retail sector is finally starting to find its feet again.

This means that it now represents one of the best opportunities for you to find work in any industry in the United Kingdom, whether or not you have previous retail experience. For the most part very few jobs on the Liverpool high street tend to be advertised online. This is mainly because stores are able to fill vacancies through word of mouth very quickly.

The very best approach you can take to finding jobs on the Liverpool high street involves printing out a number of your most up-to-date CVs (if you need any help on this you can check out the excellent cvwriting.net which offers plenty of guides and tutorials on creating a professional quality CV) and calling into the stores you are interested in working in in person.

Just like with any job application, it is very important that you dress to impress. Applying for work while dressed casually may suggest that you are not entirely serious about your job search. Similarly, we recommend that you asked to speak to the manager rather than just handing your CV into a member of staff. This will enable you to speak to one of the people who will play a large role in hiring, and enable you to impress your personality upon them.

If you're stuck for ideas of where to apply, we recommend checking out the following;

  • Liverpool One, 22 College Lane
  • St Johns Shopping Centre, 125 St Georges Way
  • Metquarter Shopping Centre, 25 Whitechapel
  • Clayton Square Shopping Centre, Clayton Square


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