How to Apply for Jobs as a Leisure Centre Receptionist

People who want to apply for jobs as a leisure centre receptionist will need to find out where these vacancies are listed. There are numerous leisure centers within the UK. Some of these include Greenwich Leisure Limited and David LLoyd Leisure Limited. The best way to find the right leisure center for the job applicant is to look in areas that are close to the home of the applicant. This will ensure they do not have to travel far to go to work every day. As only the big leisure centres will advertise for staff in national papers and websites it is often better to approach the centre directly. The smaller centers often do not advertise open positions or place ads in local newsletters. The job seeker should contact the center they are interested in working at. They can then drop off a copy of their resume and wait for a position to open up. Once a position is available the human resources contact for the center will contact suitable applicants.

Once contact has been made the applicant will need to go in for an interview. The best way to handle receptionist interviews is to discuss any customer service experience and remain polite and friendly throughout the interview. A receptionist is considered to be the "face of the company" so it is important the job applicant is well presented. During the interview the applicant will be asked what their salary expectations are. Small centres will often pay their receptionists close to minimum wage. However those with relevant experience will often be paid more than inexperienced receptionists. An average wage for a leisure center receptionist is approximately 12 pounds an hour.

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