Find jobs with Jobcentre Plus in Manchester today

Manchester is one of the major cities in the UK and there are always employment opportunities to be found here. Thousands of people find jobs with Jobcentre Plus in Manchester; and there's no reason why you can't too.

Jobcentre Plus in Manchester gives you instant access to the largest database of jobs in the UK. Every industry is catered to by Jobcentre Plus, and you can browse through their vacancies on the DirectGov website.

Alternatively, you could drop into one of the local offices in Manchester. You'll find Jobcentre Plus offices on Blackhorse Street and Manchester Road in Manchester.

The advantage of dropping into one of the offices is staff will be able to help you with your job search. You'll be able to avail of expert advice on crucial job hunting aspects, such as CV writing and interview techniques. It will also be made clear to you what courses and training you can do to catch the eye of employers.

Searching for jobs with Jobcentre Plus in Manchester is easy. Just tap in a job category and the area you'd like to work in. The results will give you every vacancy in that industry, within a 15 mile radius of the area you selected.

Because of the large number of results, you might want to narrow the search terms. This can be done by selecting temporary or permanent positions, and jobs that offer evening, weekend and night shifts. You can also eliminate vacancies posted before a certain date, which ensures you don't waste time applying for the same vacancy twice.


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