Discover how to find jobs with Job Centre online in Northern Ireland

There is an extreme shortage of new jobs coming onto the Northern Ireland jobs market. As well as this, there is so much competition for these jobs that even getting an interview can be difficult at the moment. You need to ensure that your CV is well presented and making a positive impression of you. When you are certain that your CV couldn't be better, it's time to search for jobs with Job Centre online in Northern Ireland.

You will find hundreds of the latest positions on this government backed website. They offer full and part time jobs as well as information on apprenticeships, voluntary work and training courses available.

What's more is that you can apply to these jobs at the touch of a button by simply uploading your CV from your computer with your application.

Just some of the industries that the job centre caters for are childcare, construction, engineering, retail, business and IT. There are many more industries to browse through as well.

When you wish to look for a new job, simply log onto jobcentreonline.com. You can choose to browse for jobs by industry or by using your own keywords. Use their advanced search feature to browse by salary, job type or job duties.

The job centre's website is a great place to find out about your employment rights and a whole range of other issues that might affect your employment. Log on now to jobcentreonline.com or drop into one of their local branches and see what they can do for you.


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