Jobs in Jaguar Liverpool could be your ideal destination

Jaguar Land Rover employs approximately 2,000 people at it's factory in Halewood, Liverpool. The site includes a Jaguar Land Rover body and assembly facility, press shop, body in white assembly and paint shop. The company are committed to creating jobs in Jaguar Liverpool and providing an interesting and secure future for employees.

Jaguar offers employees a competitive salary, generous holiday entitlement, flexible working arrangements and numerous facilities that include gyms, sports halls and creches.

The company provides work to all types of people with all types of skills from apprentices to IT experts. They offer undergraduate placements to students looking for experience, and are constantly looking for talented managers in all areas.

As a tradesperson in manufacturing or product developement, you'll work in a factory environment and provide valuable support to others in a hands-on-role.

To apply for an apprenticeship with Jaguar you need a minimum of five GCSEs (or equivalent). The selection process is fairly intensive and includes, a maths test, interview and group exercises.

If you are successful, Jaguar will support ongoing developement through extensive training and developement programmes, and assist you to achieve recognised vocational qualifications.

Eperienced tradespeople and qualified professionals can also browse for vacancies. You must meet the minimum academic requirements and pass the interview and assessment processes.

The company offers a complete list of available Jaguar jobs in Liverpool, with appropriate application forms, on it's website JaguarLandRover careers.com.

No matter who you are or what your background, jobs in Jaguar Liverpool can offer you an absolute direction and rewarding destination.

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