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ISS security is a security company based in Kosovo and Iraq that provides a multitude of different security services to customers. The company began in 1999 following the bombings of NATO buildings in Kosovo. The mission of ISS is to provide comprehensive and effective security services to developing nations, post-war countries and nations that are rebuilding. Because of the great need for industries, governments and businesses in such countries to be safe, jobs at ISS security abound.

Various security positions at ISS include the following: terrorism attack prevention, security consultation, body-guarding, alarm and network security operations, security in remote places, architectural security, security inspection and managing facilities.

Because of the high risk nature of jobs with ISS Security, it is vital that you are sure you have the mental and physical strength to handle such a position. You will be working in post-war zones that are still, to many degrees, dangerous and life threatening. You should evaluate your own abilities before even applying for a security guard job at ISS.

Edit and improve your CV or write your CV if you do not have one. Focus on your abilities and your work experience. Having work history within the security industry is a big help. Moreover, ISS security wants people of good, moral character; list references on your CV that will speak of you in such a light. Jobs at ISS Security require a great deal of responsibility; you want to show in your CV that you are highly responsible.

Search on the company website for security job vacancies at ISS Security. To do so, click on the careers section. Usually ISS Security wants you to send them your CV first and then they will respond to you. It can take anywhere from one day to two weeks for them to respond back to you; ISS will notify you of any job vacancies in the email. Be sure to include the word "recruitment" as the subject line in the application email. Also, include a short, respectful cover letter that shows your personality and capabilities.

If you accept a position, be sure to handle your work visa via a foreign consulate in the UK before going.

Website: http://www.isssecurity.com/home.

Contact Information

You can contact the ISS offices in Kosovo or Iraq or you can use the ISS Thuraya Satellite Communication to contact ISS Security.

Kosovo Operations

00 377 (0) 44 158 867

00 377 (0) 44 248 389


Iraq Operations

+ 964 (0) 780 1034 593

+ 965 (0) 927 0359


Thuraya Satellite Communication

+ 88 216 21 14 13 34

+ 88 216 67 77 09 31 + 88 216 51 13 08 88


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