Are you looking for jobs in the wolverhampton area?

There are hundreds of available jobs throughout the Wolverhampton area. The West Midlands town is a very busy one and this ensures that there are always plenty of available positions waiting to be filled!

Jobs.co.uk is an excellent recruitment website and they always have loads of jobs available in the Wolverhampton area that are updated on a daily basis. By writing "Wolverhampton" into the location box, at the click of a button you will be faced with loads of jobs throughout every industry imaginable.

They currently have a vacancy advertised for an internal sales assistant. This permanent full time position offers a starting salary of £15,000 per year. The position is with a family run manufacturing company. The successful candidate should have previous sales or office experience. They should also be customer service orientated, have excellent communication skills and have experience with the Microsoft Office suite. To apply for this position check out jobs.co.uk.

A position is also advertised for a lead generator within the insurance sector. This exciting position involves creating new leads and new business for an award winning insurance company. Candidates must have a minimum of six months previous outbound telesales experience. The starting salary for this position is £14,500 per year plus a very competitive annual bonus. High commission can also be earned to the right candidates. To apply for this position you need to log on to jobs.co.uk where you can upload your CV to the company at the touch of a button!


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