The Grand Arcade jobs in Wigan part time

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Wigan is a lovely town in the Greater Manchester area of England. This busy little town has many shopping areas and other businesses where you can easily find jobs in Wigan part time. There are loads of places for students and other people who want an extra way of making cash to look.

Perhaps the most convenient way of finding a part time job is to dress smart and head down town with a rucksack full of your most up to date CVs. Smaller shops usually don't advertise when they need staff so you should just try as many places as possible for work.

A good place to start looking for jobs in Wigan part time is in The Grand Arcade shopping centre. This is a new shopping centre which boasts loads of fashionable high street retailers and restaurants as well as a range of other shops.

Maybe you could drop your CV into one of the many fashion outlets in the centre? You can choose from Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, River Island and TK Maxx as well as loads more. You could also check out HMV, WH Smith or Clintons who regularly can be seen employing new part time staff.

If hospitality is more your thing there are several cafes including Costa Coffee in the centre. Fast food outlets and many other shops can also be found just outside of the shopping centre.

So take a walk down to The Grand Arcade with a positive attitude and you should have no problems finding jobs in Wigan part time.

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