We check out some of the jobs in Wakefield Trinity Walk

As one of the newest shopping centres in the United Kingdom, Wakefield's stunning new Trinity Walk is one of the biggest undertakings by any city in the last few years and it has quickly become a favourite of the locals. With more than sixty different stores to choose from, all contained within one of the most architecturally stunning buildings in the area, it's no surprise to learn that more than one thousand jobs have already been created within the shopping centre.

No matter what kind of work you're after in the retail space, whether it's full time work, part time work, a managerial or supervisory position, front line retail positions, work in advertising and marketing, behind the scenes positions such as information technology, systems analysis, accountancy or receptionist there are potential positions available at Trinity Walk.

There are two main ways to keep up to date with the jobs in Wakefield Trinity Walk. You can either keep an eye out online, at trinitywalk.com/about-trinity-walk/job.html or at the Jobcentre Plus website, located at direct.gov.uk, or you can do things the old fashioned way and pop into the shopping centre for a look around armed with the most up to date version of your CV.

If you take the latter approach, it's very important that you speak to the manager or someone in a senior position rather than simply leaving your CV with another member of staff. The money you can expect to make from working in Trinity Walk depends very much on how much retail experience you have got, or the type of work you are applying for, but for entry level positions you can expect to make between £5.93 and £6.20 per hour.


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