Jobs in the food industry in Glasgow

If you've got the stamina and are up for a challenge then jobs for chefs, cooks and kitchen staff in Glasgow could be just what you're looking for.

Glasgow is a well-developed tourist destination with tourism in Scotland being responsible for sustaining 200,000 jobs mainly in the service sector.

You can get a job in a kitchen in Glasgow without any qualification. Hotels, restaurants, guest houses, bed and breakfasts, bars and canteens are always on the lookout for people willing and able to work as waiters and kitchen assistants.

Jobs for chefs, cooks and kitchen staff of all grades and experience are advertised daily in newspapers such as the Evening Times, the Glasgow Daily Times and the Herald.

For the more experienced chef or college graduate, Glasgow offers a world of opportunities.

There's more than just haggis to Glasgow, with fine French cuisine and Far East fusion. The best in Scottish food includes beef and game, fish and seafood.

There are numerous recruitment agencies in Glasgow recruiting permanent, contract and temporary staff in catering. Maxwell Bruce Ltd., Search Consultancy Ltd., and Motiv Recruitment are some of the better known.

As we enter the peak tourist season it is also wise to check the local newspapers daily if you are browsing jobs for chefs, cooks and kitchen assistants in Glasgow. You'd never know what peach of a job could end up staring you in the face.

Sites such as Catering Vacancies.com specialise in recruiting all levels of staff. Candidates can search for chefs, cooks and kitchen assistant jobs or sign up to receive emails of jobs that match their requirements.

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