The best sites on which to find jobs in Sweden

Are you thinking of moving to Sweden in search of a new life and you are wondering what the job situation is like over there? Sweden has one of the European Union's strongest economies, and if you can speak Swedish, the world is your oyster thanks to the large number of companies looking for dual language speakers. We are going to help you achieve your aims as we check out the best places to look for jobs in Sweden.

Landing in any new country can be difficult, especially one where the language and way of life are as different as they are in Sweden. A fantastic resource to help you get settled in the country is the website of the Local, a site dedicated to helping foreigners settle in Sweden. You can check out their jobs and information page at thelocal.se/jobs. This site offers hundreds of job openings at international and Swedish companies for workers, whether they speak Swedish or just English.

A fantastic site set up by the government to give you all of the fiddly information you will need about setting up your tax and other essential bits and pieces is sweden.se/work. This government information site contains a huge amount of helpful links that we recommend checking out. It has helpful sections for people looking to settle in Sweden for the long term, or even just for a period of a year or less.

A final site we heartily recommend you check out is the Ex-pats in Sweden site at expatsinsweden.com. This site offers plenty of recruitment opportunities, and also lets you upload your CV so you can keep job hunting, even while you sleep!

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