Check out this guide to finding jobs in Stoke on Trent part time

We know just how dull the job search can be, which is precisely why we want to help you find jobs in Stoke on Trent part time as quickly as possible! Unlike the full time job market, there are plenty of opportunities available out there for anyone who wants to work in a part time job, assuming you know where to look and how best to approach the search.

Just like so many other areas in the United Kingdom, finding jobs in Stoke on Trent part time means taking a look towards the retail sector. With hundreds of people already working part time within retail in the Stoke on Trent area, there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be the main focus of your search for work.

If you have no previous retail experience it's still possible for you to find work within the retail sector. You'll need to be able to display a real desire to work within retail, as well as a friendly and outgoing personality which your customers will appreciate, and the ability to work well on your own initiative.

Since these positions are only part time, and usually customer sales positions, you can only expect to make in the region of £5.93 per hour, but once you have your foot in the door you'll be able to show your employer just how important you are to the company, leaving the door open to potential full time employment down the line.

To really speed up your job search, we recommend that you take a look at the stores found within the following retail hubs in the Stoke on Trent area;

  • Potteries Shopping Centre, Hanley
  • Roebuck Shopping Centre, 54-56 High Street
  • Trentham Gardens, Stone Road
  • Freeport Talke, Talke Retail Park, Pit Lane


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