Recommended jobs in Spain for English speaking people

Almost all jobs abroad require you to speak the local language. Even if you won't be dealing with customers directly, you'll still need to pass the application process, understand your tasks and communicate with colleagues. On a practical level, living in a foreign country and not speaking their language can be difficult - especially when to comes to things like opening bank accounts or finding a place to live. Irish or British bar jobs might be a good option for anyone looking for jobs in Spain for English speaking people.

Many of these bars across Europe employ British and Irish staff, and the majority have English speaking staff. This means that employers won't require the same local language ability as you would need for other jobs. In fact, if the pub is in a touristy area that is popular with British, Irish or other English speaking tourists, you might not require any local language skills at all (although it will help and we recommend teaching yourself the basics before you arrive).

So what do you need to get the job? You certainly don't have to be Irish or British, but some bars across Europe do like to hire these nationalities as staff to keep the experience "authentic". You will usually be required to be fluent in English and some jobs also require an advanced level of spoken local language. In tourist areas, any other language skills are also highly advantageous. Bar experience is often required for behind-the-bar staff, but glass collectors and bar backs don't usually require any experience. Waiting staff may also require a minimum of one year's experience.

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