Jobs in Scotland are beginning to look up

The economy is just starting to make a comeback and companies are beginning to offer new jobs in Scotland at last. Jobs are still hard to come by, but when you need to make a living, giving up the search isn’t an option. We’ve provided a bit of information and some tips on how to keep the job search going.

Searching on the Internet

Using the resources of the internet is a smart way to look for work. You will find there are many recruitment agencies advertising the majority of the positions available. Employers look to these companies as a cost saving in screening applicants. When a recruiter sends you to an interview, you can feel assured that your skills meet the employer’s requirements.

Here are a few websites and recruitment agencies to contact and file your CV with: Scotcareers.co.uk, jobs.scotland.org.uk, jobs-in-scotland-uk.co.uk. Another job website in Scotland is scottishjobs.com.

Major Industries in Scotland

Scotland is fast becoming a major player in the finance industry and tourism is playing a bigger and bigger role in the Scottish economy. With the discovery of oil and gas in the northern sections, these industries and industry support services are offering additional jobs.


Salary will vary for jobs in Scotland on the type of job, your experience and training. Here are several examples of positions and their relative compensation.

  • Management Accountant: £35K
  • Administrative Assistant: £16,300K
  • Receptionist: £9/hour
  • Automotive assembly: £7/hour
  • Cleaner: £13,775K
  • Customer Service: £21,500K
  • IT Solutions Executive: £30K
  • Store Manager: £30K
  • Leisure Attendant: £7.73/hour

To get the job you want you have to be persistent and check in with the job recruitment agencies on a regular basis after you have filed your CV with them.


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