How to find jobs in sales

Are you looking for jobs in sales? We doubt that it's escaped your attention that the United Kingdom job market is tough right now. A high unemployment rate and a reluctance of employers to take on new staff has combined to create intense competition for every vacancy.

However, there is good news for those of you looking for a career in sales. Companies and employers are beginning to recognise that the best way to weather the storm of the recession is to focus on bottom line profits, and that's where sales people come in. By investing in a team of sales experts, an employer can significantly increase revenue and profits. There are positions available - but just where do you find them?

Job search websites, like Total Jobs, Monster, Fish 4 Jobs, Job is Job and Reed, are a good place to start your search. Here you'll find a range of sales jobs in almost every region of the United Kingdom. Many of these positions even allow you to apply online by uploading a CV and cover letter.

But if you want to find vacancies that are a little off the radar, and consequently attract less applications and less competition, don't neglect free advertising sites like Gumtree. You'll find a wide range of sales jobs advertised here, many of them placed by smaller employers and local businesses who simply don't have the recruitment budget to place job ads on the major sites. There could be some really interesting opportunities among them.


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