Check out this guide to finding jobs in Northampton part time

While it's certainly a case that people looking for full time jobs certainly have far more options available to them in today's job market, there are still a number of excellent resources available to those of us seeking part time work. Whether you're a student, new parent looking to gradually get back into work, or someone just looking to make a few pounds extra each week, we've got everything you need to know to help you find jobs in Northampton part time right here.

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of part time work you're looking for. The most common part time vacancies tend to be working in retail sales. Many department stores or franchise chains hire the majority of their staff on a part time basis, which means that there is a much higher turnover of staff in this industry than most others.

Job responsibilities include serving customers, monitoring and maintaining stock levels and ensuring that the store is clean and in excellent condition at all times. You'll need to deal with members of the public, so having strong inter personal skills is essential to be a success in this role.

If you fancy yourself as more of a salesperson, then you could look at the telesales industry. As another sector with huge turnover in staff, it isn't difficult to find a part time job in this area. For many people, this is very much a temporary job, given that it features a short shelf life for many, as people suffer "burn out" quite quickly due to the repetitive nature of the work.

For the most part, these jobs involve you calling up customers or potential customers and trying to sell them products over the phone. You'll need a certain type of personality to become a success in this role, because you'll find that you are rejected outright more often than not. However, for those who excel in the job, there are huge sums to be made from commission making it an ideal job for anyone seeking part time work.

You can search for jobs in Northampton part time at various websites including jobisjob.co.uk, localrecruit.co.uk, jobs.vivastreet.co.uk, uktemps.co.uk and workcircle.co.uk.

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