How to apply for jobs in Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport is ranked as the 11th busiest airport in the UK, and serves the area of Northumberland, Wearside and Tyneside. In 2010 over 4 and a half million passengers passed through the airport, and in coming years this figure is set to grow. A total of 24 airlines operate through this location, generating considerable jobs in Newcastle Airport and in the surrounding area.

As this airport is designed to cater for millions of passengers there are many different shops, restaurants and bars operating on the premises. Some big name retail employers in Newcastle Airport include Accessorize, Boots, Dixons and Travelex. In the catering sector jobs are available with Burger King, The Real Food Company, Starbucks, and more.

In order for an airport to function efficiently and securely, a very large number of support and service staff are required. For example cleaning staff must be employed throughout the airport, especially in public areas and washrooms. Security staff must be positioned at security checkpoints and within the arrival and departure terminals on a full-time basis. Firefighters, paramedics and other emergency personnel must also be on standby at all times. Car park attendants are required to manage the long and short term car parks, while bus drivers are needed to operate shuttle buses between the terminals and the car parks.

Many available jobs in Newcastle Airport are advertised at newcastleairport.com/AboutYourAirport/Recruitment. Additional positions may be advertised in the shops and restaurants within the airport, or can be found by contacting the Newcastle Airport HR department.

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