Mesmerising choice of jobs available in Luanda

Angola's capital city, Luanda, is enjoying a boom in everything from construction to finance to IT. This is mainly due to the discovery of vast quantities of oil off the country's coast, which has led to huge sums of foreign capital flowing into the country. Jobs in Luanda for foreigners are available with an array of multinational companies, who've been attracted by the superb returns on investment available in Angola.

To legally work in Angola, citizens of the UK must obtain a work visa. The work visa for Angola cost £200. It entitles the holder to work in the country for a period of 12 months, and it can be extended twice, if necessary.

Visa holders can enter the country multiple times while the visa is valid, however they must work solely for the employer and in the industry that the visa was granted for. It's recommended that applications for an Angolan Work Visa are made 4 weeks in advance of the date you're due to start employment, as it can take up to 15 working days for the visa to be granted.

There are a number of multinational companies with a presence in Angola. Major oil companies, including BP and Chevron, were among the first to take up operations in Angola, however companies from many other sectors are following suit.

Depending on the sector you want to find jobs in Luanda in, there are job sites that are worth staying in close contact with. Keep an eye on the following:

  • IT, computer and programming jobs - Engineeringjobs.net.au
  • Accounts, finance and banking jobs - Linkedin.com
  • Sales and marketing jobs - Indeed.com
  • Management and administration jobs - Helloluanda.com


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