Finding jobs in London for students

Are you a student looking to earn a few extra pounds this summer in London? In this blog, we are aiming to help you out on this mission as we show you the best places for you to check to hopefully find yourself jobs in London for students. After all, there is no better place in the UK to search for a job than London!

As a student, you will only be able to take on a job that offers limited hours, but the good news is that London is awash with these jobs in both the retail and services industry, so you shouldn't be too hard pressed to find an attractive opening. A job site that is exclusively dedicated to finding you a brilliant student job is the Just Jobs 4 Students site at justjobs4students.co.uk. Basically, this site just offers part time, temporary, seasonal and fundraising jobs, all of which require little or no experience, and offer extremely flexible hours.

If you would like to do something a little more career orientated with your time off, like an internship or a volunteer position, then we have found the perfect site for you, and that site is Fat Student at fatstudent.co.uk. This site offers more meaningful positions that will look impressive on your CV, so why not do something amazing with your time off?

Finally, another site dedicated exclusively to casual jobs, and where you can find them, is the jobs board on gumtree.com. This site is perfect fodder for somebody looking for a casual or temporary role, so it is well worth a look!


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