We look for the best way to find jobs in London

If you're sick to the back teeth of putting in countless hours in front of the computer, trawling through all the major job sites for the United Kingdom without receiving so much as a reply for any of your applications then you're certainly not alone. The fallout from the global financial troubles has meant that many people currently find themselves out of work and in this very position through no fault of their own.

Instead of sitting around waiting for the perfect job to come to you, we recommend that you abandon the online job search and instead look towards one of the most straightforward and most efficient alternatives available today.

By this we mean speeding up your search for jobs in London by checking out some of the recruitment agencies in the area. These agencies all have proven track records in placing staff within the perfect position for their skills and experience, all for the small price of a two to three per cent cut of their wages at the end of each week.

The application process is straightforward, you simply fill out your information and hand it over to the agency who will enter it into their database. When a job appears that matches your skills you'll be contacted and offered the option of starting as soon as possible or passing on it. It really couldn't be any easier.

There are many recruitment agencies in London, however we recommend that you check out Office Angels (71-75 Buckingham Palace Road), Attic Recruitment (Kenilworth House, 79-80 Margaret Street) and Handle Recruitment (7 Portman Mews South) for the best chance of finding work in no time at all.


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