Jobs in Liverpool John Lennon Airport

You’ll need to live close to the airport to consider taking on one of the many jobs in Liverpool Airport but if you do you’re in luck because this is a busy airport that routinely sees 4.2 million people pass through it per year. Liverpool John Lennon Airport is the nation’s 12th busiest airport and it has a CAA Public Use Aerodrome Licence so some people take their flying lessons at the airport that’s located in the Speke area of Merseyside.
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Official site

You can have a dig around sites like indeed.co.uk and even jobsite.co.uk but your first port of call should be the airport’s official site - liverpoolairport.com/jobs. This is a very useful website that offers information on the airport’s current vacancies as well as details about their equal opportunities programme and their business partners. An FAQ section sheds some light on the sort of work that’s available at the airport but we’ll give you a taste of what’s on offer.


Jobs with Liverpool John Lennon Airport are listed under seven categories: airport operations, air traffic services, emergency response services, engineering, facilities and developments, support services and sales and marketing. If you see your career path leading you to the airport, we’d suggest that you check out their website but they also list their jobs in local newspapers, the Jet Centre and local Job Centres.

24 Hour business

This is a business that never sleeps so they have to employ a lot of people which means that there are normally plenty of vacancies available. There are already more than 300 workers employed by the airport but the number of people employed at the airport is far greater when you consider workers for the many businesses represented at the place.

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