Huge numbers of jobs available in Libya

Libya hasn't been out of the news in recent months as one of the bastions of the Arab Spring. Finally, the rebels are gaining the upper hand in the struggle and the country can look forward to returning to some form of normalcy. A massive reconstruction effort is required all areas of the country, creating thousands of jobs in Libya.

Libya is blessed with huge reserves of oil and gas and the natural resources sector is awash with employment opportunities for foreigners. Oil and gas production temporarily halted during the unrest, but restarting production is one of the key priorities for the transitional government.

Jobs in Libya in the oil and gas industry include positions in exploration and production, pipeline operations and oil and gas refining. These positions generally require a high level of qualifications and decent experience in the industry.

A bachelor's degree in engineering is the standard requirement. Engineers in the oil and gas industry enjoy salaries well above the average for engineers, with earnings exceeding £50k being quite common.

If you don't possess any qualifications or experience, you can still break into Libya's oil and gas industry. Manual labour jobs on offshore drilling rigs can be secured by everyone, and pay extremely well for entry level positions. Many labourers start off on £25k in the industry.

One of the best ways of working in Libya is one an expat package with one of the multinationals operating in the country. Total, Gazprom, ENI and OMV are some of the main players in the Libya's oil and gas industry.

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