Interested in part time retail jobs in Leicester?

If you're unable, or not quite ready, to commit to a full time position in the work force there are still plenty of opportunities out there for those of us who fancy something a little less time consuming, such as part time retail work. While many people in the past would have seen this kind of position as something that was beneath them, the recent economic conditions have only proved to the world that any job, be it part time or full time, retail or management is essential to the quality of life of not just the individual in question, but also of the economy as a whole.

Finding part time retail jobs in Leicester can be quite a tricky task unless you have a good, solid plan and plenty of local knowledge. While this might be the case for some of you reading this, we're going to approach things from the perspective of those of you who are lacking in one or the other.

In fact, both tend to be rather tied together when you take our proven approach to finding work. Firstly you'll need to identify the major employers of part time staff in the Leicester area (this would undoubtedly be the supermarkets in the area including Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrisons and Iceland). Since these companies employ a huge amount of Leicester's part time staff they are the best places to start searching for work.

Unless you've got previous management experience the best you're likely to do in terms of a starting position will be an entry level role for £5.93 per hour either serving customers or stacking shelves. There is nothing wrong with either of these positions, no matter what you might think, and they can provide an enjoyable challenge in a fast paced environment. Once you have your foot in the door, there are also many opportunities to increase your responsibility, and wage, by looking out for the many promotion opportunities offered to you by the company.


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