Popular Jobs in Lancaster and Morecambe

Some of the most popular jobs in Lancaster and Morecambe are in social care, health care or other caring duties. Lancaster has a large amount of residential and children homes, whilst Morecambe has many elderly people who require home care help from professional carers.

Many vacancies for care work in Lancaster and Morecambe expect at least one year's experience in a similar field of an NVQ in care. Some applicants can apply without qualifications but may be expected to train towards an NVQ; in all cases you must undergo a CBR check, which is normally paid for by the employer. Care jobs in Morecambe tend to require more applicants with a driving licence and use of their own vehicle to drive between homes.

Salaries for care jobs in Lancaster and Morecambe vary depending on the company and job role. You can expect to receive around £6.50 per hour as a minimum wage for care roles, but the hourly rate or salary will increase for senior roles, unsociable hours, overtime and night shifts.

Other Job Industries in Lancaster and Morecambe

As well as providing a lot of care jobs, Lancaster and Morecambe also has vacancies in catering and bar work. Morecambe is particular is home to a number of cafes on the sea front, but these are normally run by families. They may require extra help but you should expect to find part time work in such cafe roles, as the business owners are likely to employ their own family. Bar work and catering, however, is widely available in both Lancaster and Morecambe from large business chains (such as Yates, Wetherspoons or Frankie and Bennies).

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