Possible jobs in Kent for 16 year olds

So you have finally finished the school year with success and would like to earn some spare cash and at the same time get your first work experience. It is not that easy to find jobs in Kent for 16 year olds without a work experience or completing secondary education. Even though it is a tough call to get your first job, you might still find your ideal occupation with a lot of persistence and research.

Where to look

There are actually immense possibilities for jobs in Kent for 16 year olds if you know where to look. But we guess the best starting point is to identify your interests and take it from there. Even if you are in it for the quick bucks to help pay for a holiday or a few meals when going out, getting the right job matters when long term plans are concerned.

For example, you might be thinking of doing retail management and would like to get one foot in the door, so to speak. Check major retailers in your area such as Asda and Tesco for traineeship positions. Hospitals are also receptive to receiving young people for a work experience. Most work experience in hospitals is alas, unpaid, but it will make a nice headline in your CV when you make that application for med school. For example, UCAS requires work experience for students pursuing medical or related courses after secondary schooling.

Another area which could be interesting is to do volunteer work at community centres if you’re thinking of pursuing social work, social sciences or psychology courses in the university. Of course, having an odd job which is paid looks more attractive to young people. However, if this is not possible think of them as investments which you can recuperate later even if now it is not a paid activity.

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Where to snag jobs

Distributing your CV's to companies, organisations and institutions can help you snag a job. If you already know someone in the firm, use that person to get an introduction. A majority of applications are thrown in the bin because there is no way personnel can associate hundreds of applicants with faces unless the resumes are exceptionally brilliant. But having said that, some of the places where you can find jobs in Kent for 16 year olds include Jobisjob.co.uk, Reed.co.uk, Jobsinkent.com, and Ukjobsnet.com. For example, there are several positions for substitute teachers and these can easily turn into full time jobs. IT apprenticeships are also available that pay £2.65 an hour which is a decent rate since these give valuable work experience.

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