We look for some opportunities for retail jobs in Kent

While many parts of the United Kingdom's economy are still struggling, and big businesses are finding it tough to make ends meet, the retail sector is starting to emerge from the recession stronger than ever. For a couple of years it looked like the high street might struggle to ever regain the position it had once held among British shoppers, but thankfully things are starting to look up once again.

This is particularly good news for anyone who is interested in finding retail jobs in Kent due to the fact that the retail industry is one of the major employers of staff in the Kent area. If you have already worked in retail before, then your previous experience will stand you in good stead, and should enable you to find a position with relative ease. However those of you with little or no experience may face a tougher time of it.

In order to find these positions, we recommend that you avoid trying to use the various online job sites, and instead print off a number of CVs and call into specifically targeted businesses in person. It is very important to ask for the manager at all times, rather than handing in unsolicited CVs to customer service representatives. Not only does this enable you to ensure that the CV lands in the right hands, but you'll also have a chance to impress your personality upon your potential future employer.

We recommend that you take a look at The Park Mall Shopping Centre, The Country Square Shopping Centre and the Mall Maidstone in order to give yourself the best possible chance of finding an entry level retail position in Kent. These roles will usually pay around £5.93 per hour.


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