Interested in jobs in the IT sector? Read on

Despite the fact that the United Kingdom's economy is still struggling and that it would appear from the outside that there are very few jobs around, the IT industry has really started to go from strength to strength in the last decade or so. With so many different positions available within the industry, it's not surprising that so many people are choosing IT as their career of choice these days.

Another big reason for the popularity of IT jobs is the fact that the majority of people these days know their way around a computer pretty well. That knowledge has inspired them to move into the computer field, and in turn pursue a career in Information Technology.

There is a huge amount of variety on offer within the IT sector, with jobs ranging from basic entry level administrative positions to consultancy roles for international corporations to security programming roles that can make companies billions of pounds in a single year.

One of the most common entry level jobs in the IT sector is the position of network administrator. This is usually where non-graduates start out their IT careers. In this position, it'll be your job to monitor the use of the network by your employees, while also searching for holes in security and looking for any anomalies in the behaviour of the system. Network administrators usually double as help desk support for end users too, troubleshooting their basic problems, changing ink cartridges and ensuring that they are able to carry out their day to day jobs without any problems.

The position of network administrator usually starts off paying around £18,000 per year, and within three years you can expect to be making in the region of £24,000 per year. From that point onwards your progress will very much depend on how much you learn, and what implementations you can make for your business to save money and increase productivity. A great network administrator is rarely seen or heard and, if you're doing the job right, people won't even know you're there!

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