Find jobs in Hounslow with part time hours

If you've been looking for jobs in the Hounslow area, part time opportunities exist for both seasoned professionals and individuals without prior experience. The main focus of jobs in Hounslow - part time hours no exception - is customer service, and the best types of job to explore are administrative, retail and the restaurant, bar and hospitality industry.

Hounslow is located in London and residents have easy access to the rest of London by tube and bus. Consequently, Hounslow residents who are willing to travel have access to part time jobs in almost any industry you can imagine. For jobseekers who are looking to find a position a little closer to home, there are also opportunities for jobs in Hounslow itself with part time hours:


Several small businesses are located in the Hounslow area, and part time positions can be found performing administrative, bookkeeping and reception duties. The types of small business you might work at are ones providing direct services to the residents in the area - for example, doctors, dentists and accountants.

Applicants should hone their skills in customer service, telephone skills and be friendly, polite and available to build a relationship with almost anyone. Because small businesses such as these depend heavily on repeat business and return customers, customer satisfaction is the primary goal of almost any job you could be offered.

Waitresses and Bartenders

There are numerous small restaurants and bars located within Hounslow. Again, repeat business is an essential factor of the company's success, so anyone looking to work part time as a waitress or bartender will need to build great rapport with the customers and develop an atmosphere that people want to return to. For jobseekers without experience, this is the best industry to gain a part time position.

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