Jobs in Hemel Hempstead: explore part time options

Hemel Hempstead was traditionally an agricultural area, but today is home to retail, electrical and telecommunications industries serving the area's 90,000 member population. Although Hemel Hempstead is not as established as some of the neighbouring towns in the area, jobseekers can take heart in the fact that jobs in Hemel Hempstead - part time included - are frequently available and can be found in a variety of industries. This article provide a more in-depth look at likely markets to find jobs in Hemel Hempstead requiring part time workers.

Retail: Electronics

DSG International - formerly Dixons Group - is head quartered in Hemel Hempstead. In addition to retail stores, part time work is available at the company's global headquarters. Both retail, sales and administrative positions are therefore available. Because of the opportunities to move ahead, a position in this industry has more career opportunities than a retail job in a different sector. Part time applicants can be encouraged that they can still work towards a long term career even while working part time.

Retail: Aquatics

Hemel Hempstead is home to several aquatics retailers, including several local speciality stores as well as larger chains with aquatics centres. Many retailers offer part time positions to individuals who can serve as experts in the field. Providing advice, guidance and customer service, a part time retail assistant in the aquatics sector should be able to explain both freshwater and marine, retail and domestic systems, and be able to give technical advice to all customers, including beginners and experienced clientele.


Hemel Hempstead is home to several major telecommunications businesses, including 3Com and British Telecom. British Telecom has been traditionally friendly to part time workers, but in recent years BT has positively favoured part time work. In 2009, all of BT's 10,000+ workers were offered an incentive of £1,000 to switch from full time to part time work as a measure to meet necessary budget cuts. Consequently, most of the job options being offered by BT are now part time.

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