We check out the options available for those seeking jobs in Haute Vienne France

With things still looking bleak for the United Kingdom's economy, many people are starting to look abroad for job prospects. While more and more British people are heading off towards Canada, the United States and Australia, it should be remembered that there are plenty of job opportunities a little closer to home.

Haute Vienne is located in the Limousin region of France and covers a total area of almost 2,200 square miles. With a population of 371,102 as per the 2007 census, it is far from the most densely populated of France's regions, but it does offer some unique job opportunities for those fluent in French, or willing to immerse themselves in the culture so that they can pick it up relatively quickly.

Unfortunately for those of you who currently lack the language, finding jobs in Haute Vienne France before you go might prove to be a little troublesome. Of the most popular job sites in France, the vast majority are in the French language, meaning that it can be difficult to grasp some of the finer details of the job postings.

However, 123-emploi.co.uk has a number of options available to make the search process easier, including the option to search for jobs in English, so finding jobs in Haute Vienne France shouldn't be too daunting a proposition.

Much like the UK, there are plenty of options available to you, from searching for work directly to using the services of some of the biggest global recruitment agencies, like Adecco. The average wage in ranges from around €350 per week in the manufacturing industry around €600 per week in the financial sector, with the average wage for those working in the medical profession around €700 per week.

While these figures might not seem particularly high, you have to factor into consideration that the cost of living in a region like Haute Vienne is significantly lower than it is in many places in the United Kingdom.

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