Jobs in Glasgow, the tourist draw of Scotland

Things are looking up in the largest city in Scotland and that means that jobs in Glasgow are becoming more plentiful. With the big push to regenerate the UK in general, Glasgow is right in the middle of modernisation and drawing in new business. The city has undergone a lot of major changes over the last 50 years, going from industrial manufacturing to tourism, culture and finance.

How to Look for Jobs Here

Looking for jobs in Glasgow is most easily done by using the resources of the internet. Once you input the type of job you are looking for here, you will see many jobs are listed with recruitment agencies. Filing your CV with some of these companies can help you locate the right job and get you working in Glasgow faster than looking through the wanted ads. Here are some agencies and websites to check out: myglasgowjobs.co.uk, reed.co.uk, harmoneyemployment.com (social care staffing), brampton-recruitment-4-graduate-jobs.co.uk, gla.ac.uk (University of Glasgow jobs), and bluetownonline.co.uk.

Major Employers in Glasgow

The Glasgow City Council and public services are the biggest employment sector. They offer jobs in most every field, from administrative, health, business, sales, water, gas, and electric services and maintenance and everything in between. The second most plentiful employment is in the areas of finance and business. The third largest employment sector for Glasgow jobs is in services such as entertainment, distribution and hotels. Companies such as BT, Barclays Wealth, JP Morgan, Lloyds TSB, O2, Response Handling, Direct Line and Dell are big employers in the area.

What to Expect in Salary

Salary will depend on the type of job you are looking for, but here are a few examples:

  • Financial Service Administrator - £8.00 hour
  • Customer Sales Representative - £17,350 – £19,000 year
  • Legal PA - £22,000 year
  • Store Development Merchandisers - £6.25 – £7.50 hour
  • Contracts Manager - £32,000 – £35,000 year
  • CNC Machinist - £9.00 hour

These and many other kinds of positions are available. Looking for jobs in Glasgow will definitely be getting easier as the city continues its redevelopment.


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