Jobs in the food industry

Jobseekers in the food catering and manufacturing industries are looking for work within one of the UK’s most stable markets. In the UK, there are more than half a million jobs in the food industry. Although that doesn’t necessarily translate into a wealth of job opportunities, this sector is a good one to be part of during the recession.

The food industry

The food and drink industry has been amongst the UK’s highest manufacturing sectors in recent years. By maintaining demand and increasing export, the industry has maintained a consistently stable level of production.

Food production jobs

There are many different roles within this industry. If you are looking for a job within a food production or distribution firm, then the roles available include processing, distribution and production jobs. Sales, logistics, marketing, purchasing and finance roles are also an essential part of this business sector.

Food catering jobs

This type of job can be anything from waiting tables to head chef. You could be looking at roles with fast food companies, Michelin starred restaurants or anywhere in between. A catering and hospitality apprenticeship or a training course could be your way in, if you don’t want to start at the bottom.

Jobs in other food industries

Jobs in the food industry aren't restricted to warehouses or restaurants. Working in the wine industry could be an option. There are nearly 400 commercial vineyards in England and Wales covering around 2,000 acres of land. Jobs for this part of the industry are often advertised alongside similar jobs within other forms of agriculture, like farming.

Final word

Jobs in the food industry are far more secure than those in a lot of other industries, but they can include unsociable hours and a lot of overtime is required in both food catering and food production as you can be at the mercy of the customer or the short lifespan of the food. This is an industry which bonds its workers because of the long hours, so friendships are forged and there's often a good sense of camaraderie.

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