How to secure jobs in Dubai for freshers

If you are a fresher looking to secure temporary employment, why not cast your net a bit wider than your local vicinity? The United Arab Emirates is a commercially vibrant and western-orientated part of the Middle East that is welcoming to foreign workers. Jobs in Dubai for freshers offer excellent experience in terms of career enhancement, and meeting people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

What you should know about jobs in Dubai


Dubai is the second-largest city in the United Arab Emirates and the most expensive city in the Middle East. Symbolised by skyscrapers and high-rise construction projects, it is also known for vast man-made islands, shopping mallsand hotels.

This all means that it has, by recent global standards, a bouyant economy, with opportunities for temporary employees looking for wages that are well-above western standards, in a sun-soaked landscape.

Dubai's commercial environment

Dubai offers excellent communications and a western lifestyle. The currency is fully convertible and exchange rate stable. The minimal tax regime means it has become highly desirable for professionals and families alike. Dubai is relaxed. Women enjoy equal status to men. There are no dress restrictions (as there are in, say, Saudi Arabia).


If you are a fresher and are attracted to a spell in the Arabian gulf, your first step should be to sign on with an agency such as hospitality.com. Here you can upload your CV for potential employers to sift through as you check for suitable jobs in Dubai for freshers. Search the extensive online database by industry, location and education level. Dubai has world-class leisure facilities and the ideal places looking for freshers include restaurants, hotels and night spots. There is considerable international tourism, so be prepared to meet people from all backgrounds.

Practical steps for a fresher to take

For jobs in Dubai for freshers you will need the following:-

  • residence visa
  • labour card
  • health card.

Possessing these documents will entitle you to work for anything up to three years. Most of the companies who are likely to be looking for freshers will provide all the visa advice you require. Although the vast differences that used to exist between Dubai salaries and their western counterparts are no longer the case, they can still be some 10% higher than most countries. The biggest lure for any fresher is the absence of tax. There can be other incentives too, depending on the employer, such as accommodation or car allowances.

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