What's on offer with jobs in Derry?

The sectors providing the vast majority of jobs in Derry are the public sector services, wholesale and retail and manufacturing. The public sector employs approximately 30% of the workforce in areas such as healthcare, education and government departments.

The Northern Ireland Civil Service offers a diverse range of job opportunities. Jobseekers can browse vacancies and apply online at nicsrecruitment.gov.uk. Similarly the NHS Careers website and Derry City's Council jobs page allow you to make online applications.

The retail industry provides a lot of employment in the city. Major shopping centres include:

  • Foyleside Shopping Centre
  • Quayside shopping Centre
  • Richmond Centre
  • Lisnagelvin Shopping Centre

The second largest retail park in Northern Ireland is Crescent Link Retail Park located in the Waterside. These centres are home to large international retailer such as Tesco, Argos and M and S.

Major manufacturers in the region include Seagate, DuPont and INVISTA. The city also has a growing IT sector, attracting high technology businesses such as Fujitsu, Western Connect and Singularity.

Job seekers can apply directly to these companies with a CV and portfolio. They can also check out company websites for vacancies and apply online.

When looking for work it is important to be vigilant and thorough. Anywhere you think you might find work should be investigated. These include newspapers, Job Centres, job fairs, specialist publications and radio station job bulletins.

Registering with recruitment agencies can help find jobs in Derry. Reputable agencies in the city include:

  • Reed Recruitment; 2 Castle Street. Tel: 028 7130 6010.
  • Grafton Recruitment; 9 Castle Street. Tel: 028 7126 7799.
  • Riada Resourcing; 104 Spencer Road. Tel: 028 7132 9600.


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