Jobs and career services in Cardiff for the over 50s

Even as jobs grow more scarce, older workers seem to be flooding the workforce in 2010 and 2011. While hundreds of under 25s across the country are losing their jobs in difficult economic climate, older people are gaining employment from companies who are willing to pay more for their experience in the industry.

However, there are also suggestions that plunging shares in markets and harsh economic downturn has left some over 50s with a diminished pension pot and less savings than they originally thought, forcing them to go back to work or look for higher paying positions to top up there earnings. If you're in this positions it can be particularly distressing, especially if it's been a good few years since you updated your CV or applied for jobs. Luckily, several jobs service in Cardiff for over 50s, careers advice centres and over 50s employment schemes could help you prepare your CV and job application for you.

Skilled People

Skilled people is a jobs service in Cardiff for over 50s which also operates in other areas of the UK. It's considered a one-stop shop for older people with experience in all industries and aims to help older people tailor their CV to reflect this experience, locate relevant jobs and update their training or interview technique to stand a good chance at finding well paid job opportunities. They also work towards making employers more aware of the benefits of employing older people and have a job listings section on their site with the most recent vacancies. You can visit Skilled People at: skilledpeople.com.

JobCentre Plus

The second jobs advice service in Cardiff for over 50s is the Jobcentre, which provides free advice on updating your CV and a list of suitable jobs for older candidates. They also provide information on becoming self-employed and the Age Discrimination Act so you're aware of your rights as an employee or potential applicant to a position. You can find the Jobcentre in Cardiff at: 64 Charles StreetCity Centre, Cardiff, CF10 2GS (0845 604 3719).


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