Are there jobs in Canada for Irish people?

It just seems to be going from bad to worse for poor old Ireland. Following the abject collapse of the country's economy leading to billions of Euros of tax payer's money being spent on supporting the nation's banks, rather than letting their bond holders foot the bill, many people have had enough of their home country and are seeking out greener pastures abroad.

One of the major factors in deciding where to go for the majority of Irish people is language. Very few Irish people ever decide to move to non-English speaking countries, which means that the potential destinations are somewhat limited.

Traditionally the Irish have had strong ties with both Australia and the United States of America, and although that trend continues it seems that there is strong growth in the popularity of Canada as an emigration destination.

Given the comparative strength of the Canadian economy thanks to its bountiful natural resources and the fact that the vast majority of the country are native English speakers, the number of Irish people taking the plunge and moving over has been steadily increasing in the past few years.

Depending on how you go about getting your Canadian work permit, you may be bound to certain jobs. For example if you have a company sponsor you in advance of your arrival, the terms of your work permit will state that you can work for them and them alone during your stay.

There are also open ended work permits which will allow you to work for any company in the country for the duration of your stay, however these are generally only issued temporarily.

Many young people have made Canada their home in recent years, taking a year out from study in order to avail of the under 35 working holiday schemes on offer to all Irish citizens. In these cases, the most popular work tends to be data entry and office administration, manual labour working on the countless building sites dotted throughout the country and hospitality work.

If you're planning on moving to Canada for work, you can check out some of these popular Canadian job sites in order to get a good idea of jobs in Canada for Irish people that will be available when you arrive:


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