How to find jobs in Canada for Irish people

In the past two years Canada has become a prime location for young Irish people looking to escape the economic turmoil of their homeland. Rich in natural resources and offering a huge number of employment opportunities for experienced and educated individuals, Canada represents a fantastic prospect for many.

Although it did suffer a slight slowdown in its economy thanks to the global recession, the Canadian government has managed to guide the country through the problems quite comfortably thanks to its sensible management of the Canadian financial services.

One problem that many people have when they arrive in Canada and begin the job hunt is that they are unable to secure much more than casual or temporary work due to the fact that the vast majority of new Irish immigrants to Canada are arriving on short term, one year work visas.

As soon as an employer learns that you are only going to be able to work for him for a maximum of a year, it is usually the case that he will look elsewhere for staff he can rely on for more than twelve short months. This means that unless you are highly qualified in a very specialised field, you will have to make do with jobs that require minimal training.

The most common jobs in Canada for Irish people seem to be those related to the service industry. Requiring little to no experience in most cases, these are jobs that can be picked up as you go. One of the most important factors in helping Irish people to get a job in the service industry is the Irish accent - so bear that in mind if you are called for an interview; it may just be your biggest asset.

There are a number of very popular job search websites focussed on the Canadian market, which include www.workpolois.com, www.monster.ca and www.wowjobs.ca so be sure to check each one out in detail when it is time for you to start applying for work.

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