The best places to check to find jobs in Canada for foreigners

If you are about to go travelling to Canada on a working holiday then one of the biggest pieces of advice we can give you is to try and have a job sorted out for yourself before you leave. The cost of living can be pretty high across Canada, so you will likely burn through your savings quite quickly without a job. In this blog, we are going to take a look at the best places to get jobs in Canada for foreigners.

The good news about Canada is that it does have a thriving jobs market, and a link that we found especially useful for letting you know which industries are currently hiring is the Prospects website at prospects.ac.uk/canada.htm. Prospects point out all the industries in Canada that are suffering from a labour shortage, meaning you will be armed with the information on where you can possibly fit in before you leave.

Another site that has been set up with the express aim of getting you a job in Canada is the Working Canada website, and you can find it at workingcanada.co.uk. This site lists all of the current jobs that are being advertised to Brits in Canada, and it also contains hugely useful information on how you can extend your work permit, info on getting a work permit, and general Canadian taxation information.

If you are just looking for a general overview of the jobs market in Canada, then we recommend having a look at the Job Bank site at jobbank.gc.ca. Job Bank is a government sponsored job site that offers a huge range of vacancies in a number of fields.


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