Types of Jobs in Canada for British Citizens

Canada has become a preferred destination for British nationals seeking employment overseas. The labor shortage for certain occupations has led the Canadian government to invite skilled and qualified nationals of other countries to immigrate and work in Canada. The ten provinces and three territories of Canada provide the ideal place for any British national seeking job opportunities away from home. There are various types of jobs available for British citizens in Canada.

Skilled Construction Jobs

Highly skilled British construction workers are needed in Canada. In spite of the recent global financial crisis, the construction boom in Canada has continued to flourish. This has allowed for greater jobs in Canada for British citizens. Manitoba and Alberta specifically are in need of many carpenters, welders, brick layers, flooring installers, roofers and other highly skilled construction workers.

Medical Professions and Nursing

The decline in the number of Canadian locals in the medical and nursing professions has led to a shortage in the industry. The increased elderly population has accelerated the need of more doctors and nurses. British doctors and nurses are in demand because they have undergone almost the same educational training as licensed professionals in Canada.

Information Technology

British experts in information technology are in demand in Canada. They can be hired either in consultancy firms or information technology companies. Both government and private sectors are in need of British experts to work in the various sectors of information technology in Canada. Universities are among those looking for IT experts to work with their students. Startups are also a great source of jobs in Canada for British citizens.


Certified British teachers for various subjects can find teaching positions where salary is at the same level or higher than what they can get in their home country. Positions range from pre-school through graduate school. Additionally, British citizens can take on roles as tutors. Positions are available in both private and public institutions.

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