How to get jobs in Canada

The first thing that people who are looking for jobs in Canada will need to do is get a work permit. This only applies to people who are not current residents or citizens of Canada  It is easier to apply for a permit or residency than it is to find a Canadian company that is prepared to sponsor a job seeker. Most companies would prefer to hire someone who already has their papers in order as the visa application process can be lengthy and expensive.

People who work in a regulated industry will need to get a license before they can start applying for jobs. Examples of jobs that will require further documentation include doctors, nurses and lawyers.

UK residents who are planning on migrating to Canada should not apply for jobs too early. Generally it is best to start applying for work about a week before the job seeker is due to leave the UK. Most Canadian businesses will require the applicant to come in for an interview within a week of receiving their application form.

Lastly applicants can find jobs on numerous websites on the internet. Some of these websites include Craigslist.com and Canadajobs.com. The Canadian government also has a website called the job bank that lists numerous vacancies. This website is located at Jobbank.gc.ca. Another website set up by the Canadian government is Workingincanada.gc.ca. This website is a great resource for people who want tips and advice on how to get work in Canada.


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