How to find jobs in Bradford West Yorkshire using online job search resources

One of the best things about today's computer-oriented society is how easy it is to find job vacancies. No matter where you live, just do an online job search, find vacancies and upload your CV. Even in towns like Bradford in West Yorkshire, historically an economically depressed town, it's still possible to find great jobs there online. In fact, if you're looking for jobs in Bradford, West Yorkshire, here are some excellent online job search resources for you to use.

Bradfordcareer.com - A website concentrating specifically on job vacancies in Bradford, here you'll find listings in medical, finance, government, marketing, human resources, manufacturing and more. Register with the site, upload your CV and get applying for jobs.

The Telegraph & Argus (thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/jobs) - Bradford's main newspaper has teamed up with Career Builder to provide job search resources for its readers.

The website offers not only an extensive jobs database, but also interview and CV writing tips, training courses to help you update your skills, and a list of head-hunters if you decide to go in that direction.

University of Bradford (brad.ac.uk/human-resources/jobs-at-bradford) - If you'd like a job working for a university, the University of Bradford has a section of its website dedicated to jobs at its facility.

You'll find Academic, Research, Professional and Support vacancies with information about qualifications and experience needed and how to apply.

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (bradford.gov.uk/bmdc) - If working for the government is your dream, check out the district council's website.

They have a small section of job vacancies with the council and also links to JobCentre Plus' website, where you can do a job search for vacancies in the Bradford area, get help and advice, information on how to handle a redundancy and even details about benefits.

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