We check out the best sites to find jobs in Birmingham

If you are living in England's second city of Birmingham and you are in desperate need of giving your career a shot in the arm, then we are here to help take the pain out of it as we guide you towards a number of sites offering jobs in Birmingham online. So let's take a gander at what is out there!

No matter what your profession, you will likely find a job in Birmingham to suit you. Nowhere is that clearer than on the My Birmingham Jobs site at www.mybirminghamjobs.co.uk where you can view the full range of available openings in your chosen career field. This site has hundreds of openings at any one time, and it is a fantastic resource to start your Birmingham job search.

Another site that offers a fantastic local slant on your job hunt is the website of the Birmingham Mail newspaper, which you can check out online at www.birminghammail.net. This site exclusively carries ads for jobs in the Birmingham area, so there's no need to refine your search. Every job you see will be in Birmingham.

A site we have found that has a fantastic and comprehensive job section based around Birmingham is Total Jobs, who you can find online at www.totaljobs.com. Total Jobs are one of the UK's biggest recruitment sites, and they are advertising over 200 positions in the Birmingham area right now. They are the perfect "big" job site for your Birmingham job hunt.


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