Find out what jobs are available in Barbados today

The tropical island of Barbados is a fantastic place to work. White sandy beaches and palm trees provide the perfect background to jobs in Barbados. Employment opportunities can be found in numerous sectors on the island, including tourism, child-minding, finance and legal.

The Barbadian economy relies heavily on tourism. Thousands of tourists flock to the island's mesmerising resorts every year, creating a never-ending stream of employment opportunities for job seekers to take advantage of.

Waiting staff, receptionists and bar staff are just some of the positions open to British job seekers in Barbados's tourism sector.

The best way of securing tourism jobs in Barbados is by contacting an international recruitment agency. Hospitality Recruitment, Caribbean Jobs and Caterer Global are all excellent agencies who will do everything in their power to set you up with a job in Barbados.

Barbados has a huge expat community and child-minders are highly sought after by American, Australian and British families to name just a few. With experience of child-minding or a college qualification, you'll have no problems securing a position as a nanny.

One of the biggest advantages of working as a nanny in Barbados is the family you're working for will usually provide you with accommodation. It's possible to save a small fortune in a short period of time working in these high paying jobs when most of your living expenses are paid for.

New Au pair is a fantastic international nanny agency that advertises nanny positions in Barbados, and will help you with everything you need for working in the country, including visas and insurance.

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