Types of Jobs in Australia for British Students

For many British university students, studying in Australia is a chance of a lifetime. The great climate all year round and the many natural wonders of Australia make it an ideal country to learn and live. An Australian student visa holder is allowed to study and work for 20 hours a week. This allows British students to actually work while studying abroad or obtaining a university degree.

Teaching English

As Australia opens its borders for skilled workers from various countries around the world, demand increases for qualified English teachers. Being native born English speakers, British students are sought after by many language centers. These English courses cover speaking, reading, writing and listening. The students of these language centers could include professionals from countries whose main language is not English. These courses are called Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). Additionally, if British students are fluent in a foreign language they can work in programs such as Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Retail Outlets

The booming of the Australian economy has increased the spending capabilities of many Australians. This has allowed many opportunities for British students to receive a job in Australia. Add to that the hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit Australia each year. This influx has led to the opening of many retail stores all around the country. Some retail chains include the retail outlet Myers, Woolworths and Cole Supermarkets. Positions include cashiers, store managers and department managers. Salary rates for these positions can rage from £6.75 to £9.00 per hour to start.

Au Pair Programs

Although Australia does not have a formal au pair program, many families welcome au pairs in their homes. As an au pair, you can receive free accommodations and even have the use of the family car. Some even include a minimal allowance for their au pair. Most families arrange their schedules with au pair so as not to disrupt their university studies. The au pair jobs in Australia for British students can be found on the online site, Au Pair Australia. Candidates can search for a variety of opportunities through their database. The site provides guides and information on how a person can become an au pair in Australia.

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