How to look for jobs in your area

Here are 4 ways to look for jobs in your area:

  1. Go to CraigsList
  2. Check out the community bulletin board
  3. Use Google search engine
  4. Check out your community forum

Go to CraigsList

What is unique about CraigsList is that this website is location specific. Go to your country; state; jobs. There is even a subcategory for 'part-time' under 'jobs'. Click on the subcategory and you will get to the first page of that subcategory, which may lists 100 jobs on every page. Only the latest jobs matter, of course.

Check out the community bulletin board

This may not be applicable to everyone but if your community has one, it's relevant. If you don't find anything of interest, why not post your own job wanted ad? To increase responses or get better matches, be specific in your skills and what you do. Make sure to include a phone number that can be contacted at all times.

Use Google search engine

Go to Google and type in the job and location you are looking for. It's best to use Google that is specific to your country for local search results. For instance, if you live in the UK, go to Google.co.uk.

Check out your community forum

Surely one of the members in your community has started a forum for the community. Maybe it's run by the developer of your area. If so, register for a free account. There should be a section for job seekers. At any rate, you can begin to network locally and gain some job leads from here.

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